The darker shades of light remain.

I am not a decoration.

The queen's marionettes dance and dive and fall

And hang neglected and grey by the ropes around their necks.

Gold thread shifts and unshifts as the mirages fade.

Slowly, slowly, we are losing a war.

The red flows gladly but I don't want to see what we'll become.

Everything may or may not be my fault.

Whoever knew what to think?

My most commonly recurring thought,

After you,

Is I Don't Know.

Because I never did know.

Nobody had the time to explain,

And I was the one person they assumed into knowledge of it all.

You've changed my life but not my fate.

I still have to go.

Good-bye, apologies for anything I've ever done

I was wrong

I made a thousand too many mistakes

That I'll never have a chance to set straight.

See what I can't live beyond

See what I've become

See what I can't change or abandon,

See, I hand my soul to you

To all of you who thought me a puppet in a show.

My curse is the spoken word.

There is no way out

But pure ink.


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