It’s so easy just to go through life saying “I’m fine,”

To ignore the pain until you feel it no more,

To hold back the tears until you no longer cry,

And to run from the truth until you are living a lie.

It’s so hard to say that you’re hurting,

To admit that you’re terrified of the monsters,

To ask for help fighting you’re fears,

And to realize how vulnerable you really are.



It’s so easy to fall asleep-

To dream of a world you long to be real,

To find peace in unconsciousness,

And to find bliss in fantasies.

It’s so hard to wake up-

To endure the cold and the dark,

To wander blindly and aimlessly until you find your purpose,

To be real.



It’s so easy to shield behind closed doors,

To shut yourself out of the world,

To convince yourself of your sanity,

And to cut off your emotions so you don’t feel the heartache.

It’s so hard to take the bullet,

To acknowledge the scars,

To let your weaknesses make you stronger,

And to bleed out the regrets.



It’s so easy to hide behind a mask,

To blame those present,

To find faults in the almost perfect,

And to pretend you’re who everyone wants you to be.

It’s so hard to reveal what’s under the skin,

To admit you’re wrong,

To find the beauty in the ugly,

To just be you.


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