The Secret Song

I’m a Poet.

The sounds and words collide, making

Universes that we can glimpse, something

Unspeakable in normal life, uniting

People from near and far, completing

Our souls, rounding

Out our lives, connecting

The physical to the emotional, so I keep writing

These words, these phrases, reflecting

On my life, the good and the bad, the moments fleeting

Because I keep fleeing

From my past, meeting

The pain I lived through once, lying

Underneath the stars, I picked up a pencil, crying

I became a poet then, thinking

That maybe my words wouldn’t make me feel so alone, singing

Lullabies to me underneath the blackened sky, shimmering

With stars, loving

The transformation within me, while people kept sneering

At me in the hallways, but I was laughing

At my little secret, I’m now revealing

I’m a Poet.

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