The Secret Me

Sun, 12/07/2014 - 21:24 -- luvleeC
The real me
The true feelings
buried so deep
crushed beneath heavy locks
Where i huddle in darkness
fearing the outcome
should they break free of their chains
Concealed, deep below
threatening ever closer
stay away, leave me be
don’t come here
you might see me
it’s too painful
keeping it locked away
but should these beasts escape
then you’d see the truth
the ugly, plain truth
No jewels, no lies, no simple secret
just me
A stranger
a shadow of what you’d assumed
the open truth...
that i’m not the perfect princess
that i pretend to be
that i’m not kind or caring
but instead extremely cruel
an evil demon, instead of this imaginary angel
the mask that i wear
my inner monster
who rattles her chains
starving for vengeance
a howling, shrieking call
echoing inside a tiny cage
with my white hands blood-stained
years of suffering
shards cut my skin
broken and bleeding
crying in vain
hurting too much to hate
a small, helpless child
weeping, tears screaming
like rivers of acid
carving bitterness into my cheeks
a permanent reminder
of all of my sins
all my regrets
all the pain
the loneliness
that never ends
my wings without feathers
All of my hopes stolen
from my fragile heart
I cradle these secrets close to me
close enough that i can almost forget
their existence, a weak attempt to escape
But i am a prisoner of my own emotions


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