Secret Light

Secrets are meant to be kept and lines are meant to be bent, but promises should never be broken. Theres beauty under the scars, but words can still hurt me. Only in the midst of my days will i still be in mourn for the life i once lived. People just don't understand how when life gives you a hand it pulls you down. Down in the pit of despair, sinking in the holy grail of sorrow. But yet dont give up HOPE. For there is a secret light in the tunnel ahead. Pulling at your very soul. Dont be afraid but embrace it, for it is GOD. The GOD of the hebrews, healer of the world, and savior to us all. His secrets are always kept and his lines are always bent at your will to come back to him. But know his promises are never broken. For he is there always shining through the darkest of times. Do not fear of his presence, fear of his glory. He is all that is good, pure, and hopeful. He is GOD.

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My family
Our world
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