the secret garden


United States
40° 51' 43.8444" N, 73° 53' 9.636" W

imagine a garden full of many flowers born in the month of april where it all blossoms
you enter a place that sets you free from imprisoment that is smother with abuse
as you walk down that garden, you feel the air that is breezier than the docks by the shores
you see the birds chirping that sounds like a luther vandross harmony
you see the trees that stand mightier than hatred of thunderstorms
you lay down with your mind, body, and soul cleansing with healing. Not ever having that feeling of sorrow and pain
at that moment, there is no rain. don't worry, you won't have any acid stain
you are laying on the garden rolling over on the grass
atmosphere is more peaceful than an angry fan expressing disgust
the secret garden is that place that venting your feelings is a must
the secret garden is a place to pray, scream, talk, meditate, and even cry
its you against the garden. that place is not your enemy. its the place that embraces you with tranquility and warmth
the secret garden is the place that gives hope that love still exists
the secret garden is the place to make love with someone that embodies you presence
the secret garden is the place that someone cherish the day like sade
the secret garden is the place full of beauty in which a woman feels beautiful.
the secret garden is that place

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