The Secret

I have a secret

And when I tell it

Hot will turn cold

And my world will explode

And I'll be left in the middle of nowhere.


I have a secret

And when I tell it

Friendships will end

And I'll have to spend

The rest of my time in a nonexistent shell.


I have a secret

And when I tell it

I may not be

Who I thought was me

And I'll be left looking into my empty mirror.


I have a secret

And when I tell it

Hearts will turn to stone

Wounds will be to the bone

An icy wind will blow

The only sound will be a moan

What's lost won't be atoned

I'll travel a deserted road

That leads to doors all closed

And I'll be forced to roam

As a nomad all alone


And I'll be trapped by this snare

And I'll be blinded in the glare

Of the light they shine as me as they stare

But I'll scream it's not fair

As they strap me to a chair

And tie me to it by my hair


And I'll see a glimmer

Of revenge in their eyes as they shiver

With rage and ask if I'm a swimmer

And they'll throw me into the-


I have a secret

And if I told it

I'd be as good as dead.


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