"The Secret"

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 20:59 -- ley23

So many thoughts running through her mind...

So many questions, assumptions of why all of this happened


Her heart can only take so much pain, yet she doesn’t understand why she can kill it already.

She feels it now trying to come out through her chest.., then her mouth.

Looking for the best way out and far away from her.


Is it tired? Sad? Angry? Exhausted maybe, right?

It tells her, “Hey! You are hurting me more… If you don’t stop I’m going to leave for good this time just like they did.”


The heart: “I’m tired of your fake tears”. Sight

She yells, “You’re a liar. You told me you were on my side” The heart doesn’t comment and goes to sleep.


Her flowers are dying each day, no matter how hard she tries to keep them alive… Time is running out and “the big day” it’s getting closer. She hates darkness, yet she doesn’t find a way to look for light. Someone is holding her hands, who’s there? Someone watches her lovingly. Are you a ghost? Silence takes over the room. Mom? Dad? No one answers.


She looks for “the secret”, but can't find it anywhere. She takes a deep breath and walks towards "the room". She can't remember ever being in there. She opens the door and immediately noticed the clown frames. One is smiling at her. She looks away frighten. Then yells “Stop starring at me! This is your fault. You got what you wanted, huh?” There it is what she has been looking for all along, inside the dusty old crib.


She’s sick of feeling miserable everyday. No one minds what’s going on inside of her… No one cares about her pain, especially them. And what now? There is no way she can fix them or find what’s broken. She grabs “the secret” and kills herself without hesitation.


A strong regret starts to burn her in a rush except for her heart. She looked down and stared at her pale dead body and suddenly her mind takes her to the only moment of happiness that she possessed where she first looked into their eyes. Now she’s gone and so is “the secret”.


The heart: Why did she do this? They didn’t know she kept it with her all these years. Sight


So many thoughts running through their minds...

So many questions, assumptions of why all of this happened


Living their lives apart from each other..

Not ever loving each other…


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