We live in a society where defiance of authority is insubordinate.

Where the human race individualism comes correlative.

To perform an action that the people see as unethical,

Yet we struggle in a world that is identical.


You Second-handers see this world as co-equal,

But we, the Discrete, are disparate in ways.

Our characteristics has made us ALL unequal.

To you, to them, we are NOT the same.


Rejection to our self-innovated work,

Something you people call, “too intellectual”.

Has gotten the Second-handers invariably perked

At the adherence of divergent individuals.


This nonsense of being similar has a widespread option to us all

That the discrete and outsiders must take time to review.

We stand here and stand up to make an exceptional call,

That we, as unlike, will NEVER be like you.

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Our world
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