Secondhand Sneakers


Walk a mile in my shoes

With the holes in the toes

I don’t have any goals

And everybody’s smoking bowls

I wish I had the courage 

I wish I had the strength 

When everyone is beating you down

And it looks like there’s no hope around

At least you got sneakers

Never mind these speakers

Talking about Medicare 

You wouldn’t dare

You got too much pride 

Go deep down inside 

To that place that you hide

And your alone

Never mind the broken bones

Or the scars on your face

Your alone in this place 

We all live in disgrace

When your holding the Ace

And they think they have the royal flush

Girls just blush

Move right on by

and you know they can try

What we do to survive?

But alone we can’t thrive

I don’t know how to drive 

Can you lend me a five 

So I can take an Uber 

To that hell I call home 

and you’re built to roam

With these windows nailed shut

Just another mutt

can you feel it in your gut?

And you’ve done nothing wrong

Just remember your strong

There’s somewhere you belong


This poem is about: 
Our world


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