Second Place

Nobody knows how great first place is than second place does.

Only a few meters behind him in a race,

never the center of attention when people look around to judge,

and never being a girl's first choice or taste.

It's hard when your best friend is always first place.


Sure, you may not be third, but compared to first you always feel so small.

You are 5 foot 3 inches, but he is 6 feet tall.

He was born with this talent, and all you have is hard work.

The worst thing about it though, is that he isn't mean or a jerk.

He's everything they say he is: Smart, fun, athletic, cool,

so you have no reason to hate him.

He's amazing and he wins every run at track.

He gets the gold medal, but your silver medal might as well rust to black.


It's hard when your best friend is always first place,

and you're just number two. It's hard when he's the only person who looks at you,

after winning,

and after defeating me,

and after being the best,

and after receiving all the fame and glory,

and after being number one,

and says that you matter too.


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