A Second Late


The bell rings and all is in a hurry

Halls begin to crowd and students begin to worry

For an invisible timer has started to tick

And it was time to get to class quick

My heart begins to rapidly beat

As I was still far away from my seat

My path is clear but my movement is slow

For every turn there was someone to know

When the class was in my sight

Where I stood was the darkness and the class the light

As I reached for the door, I raised a hand to wave

My intentions were good but my results were grave

For the invisible timer had reached an end

And with it an hour of my education began to descend

Sent to a new class down the hall

Known for teaching students how to stare at the wall

Due to a system poorly created

I sat in there and silently waited

When the bell had rang and it was time to leave

My anger had swelled like you would not believe

What did I do to deserve this fate

For I was only a second late












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