Second Chances

Settle down, Ulysses.

The missive's been received

And now I'm cringing, infringing so

Deep into the next arrest.

Discounting all my ignorance,

I'm settling to let go.


I wanted love - I needed pain.

I blew a kiss, then stole away

Into magic so divisive,

Only gentlemen could bite it.

And if the soul beneath my skin were

Ever to take hold again,

I'd let it in.


I've let her in

And now I'm flying



Higher than the skies that

Broken kin philosophize.

Reality would seem so sweet - 

A bitter dew, if only 

You were here to see it with me.


But taunted by a satellite

Campaigning through these lonely nights,

Our hearts beat slow, together,

As the miles discount forever.

We speak of honey bees and odysseys while

Trying not to cry.


I miss you, darling. Missed you when

Our shipwreck blew apart.

I'm praying for the magic of

Our grand restart.





This was beautifully written, I love the line “honey bees and odysseys”

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