The Second Amendment Didn't Cover This

El Paso:

August 3rd, 2019


22 dead

24 wounded

the shooter wanted chaos 

wanted fear 

wanted those different from him 



killed by his own hands

A child is left alone


his parents having been killed

slaughtered in cold blood 

after the attack,

the President poses for a photo with the child

who is too young to ever remember the people who saved him

As the President smiles 

gives a thumbs up

While his plastic wife shines her Barbie smile 

at a tragedy

one that took the life of this baby's parents

leaving him to grow up without a family that could’ve been more

this isn't the only sad story

it is an unnecessary reality 

stripping the U.S of its morals

an epidemic plaguing our society

causing deaths from a curable disease

that the lawmakers pretend aren't the issue

they claim that the shootings can be fixed

with thoughts and prayers 

while thousands die in a single year alone. 

they blame video games

mental health

society itself 

everything but the true cause 

the inaction is killing us


with a bang 

and shrieks 

the gruesome scene becoming reality for too many high schools

for too many public buildings 

for too many parks

for too many kids who now keep their phones with them in class in case they have to say

goodbye to the ones they love

people say it’s their right 

to own a killing machine

one that can take a life in less than a second 

without a second glance

the second amendment couldn't predict this

the vile violence in which kids now must face as reality 

I shouldn’t have to fear the safety of my surroundings

I shouldn't have to practice for when the gunman is at my door

I shouldn't have to read about the myriad of mass shootings and only think

"Another one?"

I want justice

I want to make it out of high school alive

The founding fathers didn't predict this


This poem is about: 
My country


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