The seat you gave me

the seat you gave me so full of pain,
anguish and colorless as uncomfortable as show your attitude,the seat you gave me
i don't know if you chose it
and if it was like that i dont have idea
that it has been for your taste.
The seat that you gave me was t
he last and lonely i was waiting
but my presence agreed
when I heard that you were no longer in the deep of my being,you were the artist's pain,
the call from the ambient freed me the skin
with you gave your love.

The seat you gave
as insecure as life,i
call you from my place but you did not answe
r as insecure as life, you call from my place
but you did not answer,
you did not want to hear,
I thought it was time you had the wrong place
but i confirmed that it was not so.

The seat you gave me the most innocent
because i and him suffer your change of place
and when i was in it you put the weight of your stuff
on it and in me.

And if they were your thoughts the errors of your distance I'm so sorry for you
because I screamed from my seat to you
but your light doesn't illuminate more.

The seat that you gave me
today I only see him in my thoughts
with the passing of time,
but that seat is now so comfortable
and lasting that even my soul is glad to know
that I gave everything within me
but maybe my life was wrong of the passenger,
the passenger who was on one side of me.
-Jonatan Vega


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