Seat Belt Poem

Stretched across me

tight against my chest and settled at my lap

it takes me away..

surrounds me, over my shoulders,

pushing me back,

I take a deep breath...



We might be moving way to fast

and I think I'm ok with that

I know I will regret my choice.

Passing these yellow lines

underneath these yellow stars.


This drive has turned into a midnight craze

and Im doing my best to be amazed,

although this time has come to an end,

I feel something I will deffinly regret..

Trees have turned into a blur, like a painting not complete.

I hope I can soon find some relief.

Going faster and faster I have no control,

this power is not something I want to behold.

I feel as though this is the end.


I see a light

from a far,

reminds of the northern star.

I freeze,

I dont know what to do, this restraint is all I got.

A cross over and click, was all that it took.

This is my choice..

1,2,3 GO


I do my best to pull away, but find myself in a daze.

Breaking free I yell in glee,

my seatbelt has saved my life


This poem is about: 
Our world


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