Seasons Secrets

Do you see me 
Because as the sky turns blue 
And the wind stirs hot 
You say nothing. 
But your eyes whisper sweet loves . 
The distance 
Somehow so much, 
But you are right in front of me. 
Our little secret . 
We must keep it. 
The wind howls coldly 
But our love will not blow away. 
So easy to touch, 
But so wrong to feel. 
This is a dangerous game to play, 
Because the leaves are dying 
But our love is still flying 
With the birds to find warmth. 
The snow is sticking. 
We can't stop 
Taking caution with the blocks of Jenga. 
No one can know 
Of our secrets written in the 
Turn the keys of our lips 
Our love continues to bloom. 
To keep them quite, 
Seal it with the buss 
Of a rose. 
It shall never be known 
Of our lustful adventures 
Of the eye. 
To the soul



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