Spring, winter, summer and fall.

I wish I could stop and collect them all.

They're here for a while and gone soon after.

They're full of tears and full of laughter.

Summer brings thoughts of beaches and fun,

but also of sadness when the day is done.

Summer is gone with the blink of an eye

The birds and bees must say good bye.

They fly away to rest and to wait,

but we know they'll be back another day.

The leaves soon fall and cover the ground

as animals hide and there's barely a sound.

The world fills with color and begins to cool

we know that winter is coming to rule.

The wind blows harsh and the temperature drops

as snow starts to fall and time simply stops.

The world is covered in a blanket of white

on a calm winter day, it's a beautiful sight.

The wind hits your coat and pierces through,

but no winter's to cold when I'm with you.

We hold hands and wait til the snow is all gone

and the birds come back to sing us a song.

The flowers are blooming and birds start to sing.

I'm so very happy that it's finally spring.

We run through puddles of mud and of rain.

The season of life is worth all the pain.

Any season that I'm here with you

Is worth every minute on earth, times two.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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