I want to spend all summer dipping our toes in the water


and crunching ice while we complain about the heat.


And I want to run my fingers through your short hair


and laugh at the sun


while we sit under your fan in the sheet fort.


I want to roll in the colored leaves


and whisper our secrets we've never told


under the crisp autumn breeze.


And I want to steal your hoodies and


put my hands in your pockets.



I know you like holding my hands just as much


as I like holding yours.


And all winter we will be cuddled under the blankets


drinking hot tea and cocoa.


And your hair is longer now




I like running my fingers through it just the same.


And I love the way my body fits yours


while the rain is falling


and you hold me closer for extra warmth.


And when spring comes and the trees begin to bloom,


the air is warmer,


and its the months before life goes on.


and I am sad.


It doesn't seem fair,


decisions made earlier in the year.


College is coming up so fast I fear


that we won't be able to handle it.


But I'm waiting to see what next summer brings.



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