That Season You’re In

After all these years

shall we meet under the sea of stars

when the clock hits twelve and the moon kisses the northern stars cheek

surrounded by lonely air, i can feel you

a few steps closer and we’d be in eachothers space 

your tender touch is a balm to aching pains

but you’re awake at dawn 

can we ever meet?


I’m comfortable here, watching through the glass,

watching you smile and laugh with grace

it brings me solace and peace, 

the serenity it grants me is nothing that can be replaced

My days were full of you

The moon holds my hand while you dream


it sounds silly but,

I’m too afraid to greet you

Bright like a warm spring day

it calls to me like a blazing fireplace

I know you don’t understand

I tell you its okay 

as long as the snow pitters down and coats my face

i’ll be wrapped up in winter’s embrace

holding me until your hands can wipe it all away

i’ll remain here until I reach that place

the season you’re in seems so far away


time seems to pass so slowly

its ticks on by

Knowing the moon must leave so the sun can awake

terrifies my soul 

i can’t face the light in this state

you wander away and seeing you so happy devastates me in such a confusing way


when the dew on the grass shimmers 

and the clocks begin to race

I’ll hide away until its my time of day

the sun, 

it hurts my eyes 

crawls under my skin, 

Feeling the rays on my face 

if only i stay awake for just a bit longer we’d meet face to face 


 Stay in that season, 

our distance is safe

I’m contagious 

I’m afraid i’ll breathe bitterness into your lungs 

our interaction might give you frostbite 

 Although the tenderness lingering in your eyes

 makes me shiver and sigh 

The burden of being in this state is something i can’t share with you 

There’s too much at stake


Don’t wake me for the sunrise,

I’ll set a date for the perfect time 

Don’t worry about the details 

I’m in charge of the event 

We’ll move through the seasons until we’re in balance again 

When I can finally rest under the cherry blossoms

that cascade down all around our date 

we’ll lay side by side at noon next time


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