Seaside Sonnet


United States
45° 30' 58.4676" N, 122° 35' 51.0972" W

I stare upon the endless sea.
I swear that it looks back at me.
It whispers with the ocean breeze.
It swallows whole, my naked knees.

On a driftwood log, I sat.
To the sky I tipped my hat.
And like the steady beat of drums.
Matched only by persistent thumbs.

Embedded in the sunkissed sand,
I lay my bare and blistered hand.
To find a hidden hollow shell.
And to mine eyes, it laid a spell.

Inside I found the oceans' roar,
Which led me to this golden shore.
Where gentle waves caress my feet.
The sunset where all lovers meet.

In the motion of the tides,
Is where they say that love abides.
Footsteps here are washed away.
And horizon brings another day.


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