Searching for the Billions

There are approximately 100 billion nuerons in the human brain.

At least, that's what they tell me.

See, my mind can't picture 100 billion,

and the science part, I can't stand.

The best I can do is with comparison,

the as if's and like as.

I'm a storyteller at heart;

It's how I understand.


Like now, I'm thinking of the trolley.

My ideas are the cars, 

my nuerons the stations,

new realizations,

new emotions, and thoughts.

Though the cars may split and diverge,

they'll always return

to a singular spot.


Like spider webs.

Yes, my thoughts are like those gossamer threads.

Ends and beginnings that blend as one.

Never knowing where one has stopped or begun.

The web's angles

my nuerons

string these thoughts along.


And when I'm out in the world,

my nuerons are a net.

They spread, they expand

like hands outstretched.

Nothing can slip pass

these knotted ropes I've casted,

which is fine

until the thoughts turn bad.


And sour.

And rotten.

Too loud to be ignored or forgotten.

It's time like these I think

of my nuerons as Christmas lights that blink

on and off

then OUT with a spark.

Soon the other bulbs fade

and everything is dark.


In science class, they'll tell you

when great lights go out in space

they'll collapse inwards, swallowing darkness

until nothing can escape.


But I'm not like those phantom stars.

I've climbed out of the void inside.

And now that I can see again

I've decided

to re-route the tracks,

trim the threads,

to loosen the knots,

reach out instead.

It's time to get connected

and stop living in my head.


Because these connections can uplift,

Turn life into a gift.


Don't wait to start.

Fire up your nuerons,

find the other billions

ignite your inner spark. 




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