A search for love: Conclusion to short story

Tue, 08/20/2013 - 23:19 -- Boogwdy


It's something that science is yet to fully explain. It's something that humans are yet to fully understand. It's something that we are born with and it lives with us in the world alongside its counterpart. Love is a mystery. We search for it, we yearn for it, we love it!

Is it the passion, the wonderful emotions, the physical interaction that comes with love that keeps dragging us back? or is it something deeper? How can we learn about something if we don't know it's source? We are addicted to love, often for the wrong reasons; we seek passion instead of virtue, we look at apperances instead of mindsets and personality. We are lied to that love is flowers, chocolate, and balloons. We are told that love is just passion, just emotions nothing else. Then we go chasing after it and get caught in a cycle or cry when we think we lost sight of"love"

What if I told you that love is more than words and kisses but also action, but also sacrifice; voluntary,  willful sacrifice of yourself to another person. That love was you saying to your significant other "I sacrifice all that I am to you and I am willing to carry all of you. Your past, your present and future, no matter how flawed it is.

I've read somewhere of a person who did this exact thing, and not only did He do it for one person but the human race. How can we truly know something if we don't know its source? looking for love? seeking it? find where the source of love is then when authentic love comes your way you shall know that it is real, for you have a connection with the source of all love. Love doesnt come easy its set up brick by brick but what is your foundation?

If love is always true, lives forever, and never fails then has your love been doing all that?

I don't know what love is but Mr. John in the third chapter of his book in verse eight, writes that "God is love.". . .


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