Search for love

I've climbed the tallest mountains in search for someone to share my heart with someone I can wake up in and place kiss on the cheek a love that will change the mystique of my character a woman who's beauty is more than skin deep something so precious that with just one look into her eyes I fall in love all over again as if it was our first time meeting a lifetime of happiness to build our home as if it was the foundation someone to create more than a life and in the time of darkness she will be my guiding light to bring me back to surface something so perfect that it hides all of my imperfections and woman so unique that her love is a reflection of me something that eyes can see and the heart can feel my search for love will land will me with the lady my dreams but the thing is I've never been to sleep because a love like her will keep my soul awake with a fire burns full of compassion and a feeling of everlasting happiness




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