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1 Peter 4:6      New English Translation

6 Now it was for this very purpose that the gospel was preached to those who are now dead, so that though they were judged in the flesh by human standards they may live spiritually by God’s standards.


Search and … B


My spirit who are you, and how are you composed?

How are you in reason when my mind is somewhere else?

You are alive or are you dead there is no in-between?

If you are alive and raised, should it not be heartfelt?


Communion in God resides in you, it’s here where life is whole

No bits or pieces of the pie, here the walk of God is heard

All science and consciousness are set in every chamber

Where the Holy Spirit visits and His intercession is spurred


Very high is where the true Voice lives close to our intuition

Here is where He softly speaks to draw the attention of the mind

The will and the emotions may also participate to bring to fruition

His power and His will here reflect the sins of every kind


The soul is quite a mixture, that is where the “Fall “began

That’s where the battles are fought and who has the dominion

The onslaught there is deadly and few the words to describe

That the misery and pain in man are more than just an opinion


The emotion on the rampage does more harm than good

Love is an emotion right, but then also are forms of hate

Excitement and joy in embrace together are walking there

But grief and despair in the background are waiting for a date


My will resides in the soul and sometimes it’s forced out

So often it simply wants no part of it in what it comprehends

But the harder still is, that it forces the move closer to the center

Where it will dominate for sure a man to be the master of the tent


My mind is another story. It rises far above myself

It sees itself as an intricate part of intelligent civilization

Here is where the “Fall” began when Eve began to reason

And made a choice so sensible as the first step to degradation


Oh! Soul, you are the flesh, there is no denying

The way I act and reason is so portrayed in you

It seems that my body was the culprit number one

But it is just a hull where you do the things, you do


Unless you are restored the outer-shell is neglected

It will fall much faster than the soul is able to admit

Here is where denying resides in the death of a looser

As addiction roams, and you "will" be caught in a myth


The word of God became flesh, Christ took upon self a body

A body of flesh and blood just like yours and mine

And so He died and sacrificed Himself as for wholeness

He had to wear this garb somewhere in temporal time


Even in our thoughts, we see this expressed

Even in our spirit, this always is addressed

Even in our lifetime, He leads me quietly to rest

Even in our being He always proclaims His best


Jan Wienen


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