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Fri, 05/31/2013 - 20:59 -- jmure


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Sit down and write a poem,
Should be easy, right?
And as you begin your poem,
You also see the light.

There is nothing simple,
About perfecting lines.
And it’s not all that simple,
To construct all of these rhymes.

A poem is your feelings,
A poem is your soul.
To announce all of these feelings,
Takes someone very bold.

And here, I sit and wonder,
What could my purpose be?
To see all those great wonders,
I was told were promised me.

Life has a deeper meaning,
So deep I cannot see.
I need to find that meaning,
To keep my sanity.

That kingdom up above,
That seems so out of reach.
God help me look above,
Myself, so I can teach.

Teach others who you are,
That is what I must do.
The great one, yes you are,
Everything, you’ll help me through.




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