The Search

Thu, 01/08/2015 - 23:05 -- sheroxx



Your search has just begun

This isn’t about the one

This I can confide

The search must turn inside

The love you seek is that of self

There you will find your greatest wealth

Peace and joy will come

When you stop looking for the one

The One is what you call a reflection

To know this you are headed in the right direction.

When others dim your light so they may shine

Oh is there any more blatant a crime

It perpetrates your soul, the very being of your spirit

Blinded by a false love your heart wants to hear it

But heed this warning true love doesn’t fade

A force to be reckoned with, from it all things are made


To experience love what does it take

A dance, a poem a walk around the lake

To be with someone special this is a must

Or is this a worn out ideal that I trust

Again it comes back to me

When will I finally see

The glory I find in the intimate one

It is not about them but the reflection that is spun

The beauty of love is not a fleeting mate

It is always at hand, I make it wait

For the right glance, touch or taste

The power is within how much time will I waste



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