Seamless Tears


United States
45° 29' 3.0192" N, 122° 23' 5.55" W

Everyday I used to see you smile,
When I would see it, it would warm my heart.
But now I only feel the remaining cracks of my heart stabbing my chest.
I would trust you.
Trust you to no end..
My trust was seamless.
I welcomed you to my heart, mind and soul.
What reason was there to tear it apart?
Whenever you would cry,
You would always look at me with such sad eyes and hurt..
Yet you continue to do so...
Even so I ran to you. Without a second breath.
Even with all the demons you've harbored. I love you.
You cried and begged help from someone who wouldn't stop crying herself.
I would still wrap my arms around your neck hoping it would comfort you,
I would still cry for you when you didn't want me too,
I would still be here when you woke up.
But I never knew.
never knew you wouldn't be there when I cried, and when I felt alone again.
You have possessed my thoughts, my needs, and my desires....
I cry.
Wanting to forget.
Longing to forget.
Though I know it will never suffice.
I wish I knew the meaning why..
Although I know I couldn't ever understand;
Even if I was told a thousand times
After all you weren't even my friend.
A once-in-a-lifetime faith;
Twisted, torn and taken away.


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