Sea Vixens

Lightning cracks ---

I sleep like a sailor all alone on rough seas

The night devils: they torment me

All alone in my lonely dreams


I dream I’ve made mistakes.

Now, ocean water overtakes

My lonely capsized ship

Which, now, seeks me to take.


The waves— They seem to waver

 Right at my dear ship’s port

I see their faces: Taunting devils

All of whom, I am afraid.


They tell me of my future:

Penury: I’ll live in a hole

I can never take a break

Or I’ll never have a home.


To escape that sea of penury,

That sea which never ends,

I need all the money I can get

To get to the land that never ends.


They’ll kill me at sight if I come with loan-debt

I need all the free money I can

All to get on that land, that land that never ends.


On the land that never ends, there are fees that never end.

The taxes never end, and the bills, they never end.

The expenses are more every year from landing onshore

I must have enough--- All to live on that land, that land that never ends.


I’ll never get there if I’m lazy

Transcript: All As and APs.

I need them—I have no money

No parents, no job.

Come, come suckled-honey!

Financial aid must flow.

If not, college I’ll never know.


Ah! I cry--- a shard of glass has pierced my throat.

All those years in conservatories…

Success I’ll never know.

I struggle with debt, no useful degree,

I’ll sing like a toad

Only, Poverty, Poverty  I’ll know.


No! I thrash in my bed before morn’

I wake up with fright

I must study—I must sing

I must be the best

I must—or myself, I’ll spite.




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My country
Our world


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