Sea Foam

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 15:36 -- ABlurr

My tangled feet drift through the weaving waves, scarlet scales hiding my skin. Eel whispers wind through my head, the poisonous words biting my ears. The enthrallment begins to blur his beauty, my mind barely gripping onto the minty memories of his lips…This blade fits too comfortably in the palms of my hands.

I tug at my copper hair, the strands of color mirroring the shade of blood. Pulling my hair I try to take out the strands of nostalgia in my head. Why do I keep images of salty sand that helds our imprinted angels washed away by pulling waves? Why do I reminisce in the elegant dances our rhythmic feet shared, the sweet sound of music mimicking the deep sea? Why does my heart throb for the man’s hands whose fit perfectly in mine, when they hold a stranger’s?

All I desired was a simple wish, like that of a flightless penguin envying the flying pelicans in the horizon; Bone structure preventing his body from being lifted into the air. I would have wanted to run to you until my knees buckled and the ocean dragged me back inside. Was that too much for my small soul to wish for? The icy rain falling onto my shining scales tells me otherwise…

The treacherous idea that blades could cut out hearts and keep my blood pumping; seaweed strands are strangling my body as whispers of sugary death sing in the caverns. It starts to captivate me, the blade reflecting the olive green eyes desperate to start all over.

But the truth is…through all the pinching tears, the strangling memories, the breaking betrayal…My hatred is not overbearing enough to suffocate the love still beating in my heart. This blade is not sharp enough to keep me living.

My hands finally let go of the blade, its sinking cutting the sound of the moaning eels. My soul feels quiet; a bubbling lullabies me to sleep, and I start to see foam.


Inspired by the original tale of the Little Mermaid



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