Sea of Clouds


United States
42° 30' 18.954" N, 123° 19' 38.3376" W

I feel it in my stomach.
It sits there for only a second,
then moves slowly up into my throat.
There it sits, stuck.
I get slightly pushed back.
Being weightless,
the only thing I'm aloud to feel.
There is no music or movies to distract me.
I have to wait,
the ding,
the light to turn off,
before I am aloud my worldly pleasures.

I sit,
getting comfortable.
Everyone doing the same.
We are all we've got,
when we touch down
we will all scatter,
like bugs under a rock
revealed to the sun.
Never to see each other again.

We go higher,
and higher, and higher
Past the skyscrapers.
Past the mountains.
Past the birds.
The ding finally comes,
and the light turns off.
My mind can be filled
with the rhythm of distraction.

We flout above the sea of clouds.
It never moves,
just sits there,
like a stagnant lake,
reminding me that this is short lived.
That this will end.
That my escape is only short lived.
Tomorrow I will have to face
my big mistakes.

Only a few more hours,
I'll be somewhere,
Important only to me.
Excitement bubbles over the feeling,
stuck in my throat.
This little taste of freedom
fading away as I return
to the life
I left behind.

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