scrub your hands

you dirty thief

every last pocket full of stolen gems

a crown of shame to mark the broken

wash your mouth

you little bitch

scream profanities & curses

to the people who love you most

why? because you can?


cover your tracks

you sneaky rodent

no one can hurt  you in the silence of isolated boredom


you think you know whats best

& that the whole worlds against you

but the truth is very simple

play the game by the rules and silently go through the motions

fight & become a monster


what lies past the fearful actions

motives taken to protect the heart

is  a treasure trove of love

all waiting to be discovered


i am scrubbing my hands

& i am covering my tracks

my mind is healing with my skin

focusing on the divine and holy light

that will guide me in my direction

to a strong and happy Me


I am light & I am love

the white light in me protects me from the wrong

sword in hand I face the wind and soar



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