Screw you

Screw you
Screw this
Cause I haven't win ish
I mean for real
You know how many scholarship I tried to fill
An feel like I'm getting a mouth full of b.s
An I'm full off of it
An that's now my fuel
For writing this
How can I be happy
First year college student
An everyone I is a bad influence
How can I be happy
Mamma didn't even care about me
How can I be happy I'm trap between to people
An there both me
An you see I can't even go into depth on that
Cause it might come back
Especially being black
Don't want reputation to be in lack
But who ever reading this don't know about that
Cause they don't know me
So how the hell am I supposed to express I'm happy
You can't see my smile
You want me to write about being happy
Screw you
Probably gonna pick somebody who wrote 2351 peoms on this website
An oversite me
Just know they don't have ish on me
Cause while they stick to script
I'll in filp the script an draw my sole on the back
An while you give me a F for that
Just know immigration
Is not what I lack

An I'm happy about that

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