Screw words!

Screw you words!

Words are just words; that we have created to create comfort and justification for our mines.

They also create depression, anger, harm, self-harm towards others.

Words are just as flawed as the World we live in.

With every wonderful word comes disheartening words.

Our society has tainted our God given abilities to speak, read, and write.

We morphed these angelic abilities to deadly sharp weapons.

We have created words that drug our minds into thinking we are nothing.

We shoot holes at anyone we believe is better than ourselves with words.

God gave us these tools to work together and survive in this imperfect world;

and we just spit on that. We just elevate the villainy in this world.

We are social animals, and we need to talk to one another.

But what we don’t need is to be condescended for our looks, heritage, actions, thoughts.

Screw the power words have! They are just sounds and vibrations that travel through the air.

Why do we need to be defined? Why do we need titles? Why can’t we let that go?

Screw you words!

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My community


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