Screw Love

Fri, 11/15/2013 - 13:49 -- Damiia

Why be in love?

 All it does is lie to you.

Stabs you in the back and buries you without a second thought.

 Where is this love everyone seeks?

 Does it make him seem humble.

 Maybe even meek?

 LIES!!!! All of It.

 Love will always die.

 There's no use waiting for it, when all you do is pay for it.

 Love isn't something you can mend.

 All we have is ourselves, In The End.

 Cause when the illusion is gone, it's not coming back.

 When you break love down to its core, it all means jack.

 Tell Me Goodbye, those hands that embraced me.

 Your so demented, can't even give me a reason why.

 What am I fighting for?

 It just leaves me desolate and poor.

 Screw Love.

It'll just fly, fly away like a dove.

 Just Me, Myself, and I.

 I've given up on Love, but I won't give up on Me.

It's all I got and It's all I need.


Misty Meadows

So, true. I done gave up on love as well.

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