Screw 42

Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam

More often than not

Dullness is bought

People settle for and accept

The subpar, the inept

But, with the world my muse

Its brilliance does ooze           

And I, I strive for awesomeness

Its inspiring caress

It radiates outward and within

So much so, you’d think it a sin


And I strive to be

Like the entrancing sea

Or the starry starry night,

A breath stealing sight

Canyons, caverns, and coasts

All of which nature boasts

And I, I strive for awesomeness

Similar in limitlessness

From the constellations to crashing waves

From mountain cliffs to treasure filled caves


And I strive to travel

Have cultures unravel

Libraries filled with stories

These are the real glories

Intricate architecture, tall and gleaming

Flags and banners streaming

And I, I strive for awesomeness

Similar in artfulness

From the towers of New York City

To the bustling harbor of Sydney


So much in this world to do, see, and touch

But we’ll miss it if we don’t care very much

Away with the pessimism, away with the “news”

Away with the negativity, abandon the “blues”

We’ve got to open our minds

And see all the good arise

Because the world,

Our world

Is full of awesomeness

Denying so, is preposterous


Everything is awesome, both me and you

Everything is awesome, see that it’s true


That is the real answer to life, the universe and everything


So, with the utmost respect, screw


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Our world
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