Scream, Shout and Cry

Humans often have the fear

That makes them Scream, shout and cry,

That their lives are meaningless,

That, if we died today, there will be no legacy of our existence

This is the reason we strive to make sure our days aren’t filled with emptiness.

Our goals consist of duties to fulfill our imaginary list of  public approved accomplishments

So that our deaths can be followed by prideful remembrance.


At my young age,

I have much to be proud of.

However, my greatest accomplishment comes in one but consists of two.

My little twin brothers, Cordell and Corey.

All of 13 years old,

They have brought me much pride.

All of 13 years old,

They have made me scream, shout and cry. 

I have watched them grow Into young men.

I have watched them sprout, bloom and grow

Into the handsome, educated gentlemen.


I don’t want to take all the credit,

My mother put in work as well.

However, while she worked

And made sure for the bills,

I sat at that dining room table,

Rehearsing mathematical strategies

And reading their preferred collection of mythology.

If the inevitable happened to me today,

I know my life, unlike my body, will not decay.

I have two young men,

That have given me meaning,

And that I trust to continue my legacy.

They are my brothers,

They bring me pride.

And they have  made me scream, shout and cry.

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