And his mama asks "what's wrong?"

And he mumbles "nothing"

And he runs to his room,

And he bangs the door shut.

And he sits on the floor by his bed,

And he sticks his headphones in his ears,

And plays his music at the loudest volume,

And stares into the void with tears streaming down his cheeks.


And mama says


Scream against all that hurts.

Scream against them all that call you a fag,

Scream against them all that won't stop calling you a dyke!

Scream baby scream!

Scream for you,

Scream for them,

Scream for all that need the sound of your voice!"




This poem is about: 
Our world



beautiful, screams can be beautiful 

Charles Muchori

Not to mention therapeutic.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Sense anger & rage
It's about acceptance and it's okay to disagree with something, it's another to insult to be spiteful
This poem illustrates the importance of accepting and loving people
At the same time you teach one another to grow

Charles Muchori

It's unfortunate that we waste so much time hating and fighting those different from us when we could do so much together

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