Sun, 12/31/2017 - 02:54 -- Saffyre

I have scratches on my arms
Though they don’t go to deep
Never enough to cause alarm
Just enough pain to reap
It’s the cuts in my brain
That cause the worry
That cause the pain
They come about in a hurry
Leaving me to weep
All alone in silence
Never one to speak
Dealing with this violence
In the dark before sleep
I don’t want to cause a problem
But these thoughts continue to creep
So I sit rather solemn
As the voices chant
“Just a disappointment”
“Why can’t you advance”
I should make an appointment
But I wouldn’t dare
“You’re the reason he’s so awful”
Who would really care
“You failing is colossal”
I start to push away
From everyone I know
No visits to pay
But they just won't let go

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