Tue, 02/20/2018 - 23:05 -- puffin

We're connected, all of us,
From Hawking to Epicurus.
See those volumes sitting on the bookcase?
Each author offers warm intellectual embrace.

In a way, we are all one,
United by our brief time under the sun.
Even if that fleeting moment has passed,
The ideas, thoughts, and spirits still last.

We are coherent in pursuing the unknown;
When you seek knowledge, you aren't alone.
Newton supports and blesses your quest
While Einstein wishes you all the best.

We are a family spanning the globe and ages,
Immortalized in history book pages.
Lean on us; seek academic assistance,
And you'll be met with enthusiasm no matter the distance.

We speak in math and caffeine
And while we peer review, we never demean.
We are cousins, both similar and diverse
Forever admiring the grand universe.

Join us; our doors are always open.
Here, your curiosity may thrive unbroken.


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