Scientific Experiments

Medical scientists have secretly done many unlawful experiments on human subjects.
Politicians and scientists are without doubt the wickedest people on this planet.
Military scientists have also carried out numerous illegal experiments on people.
Scientists have kidnapped and murdered many people because of scientific research.

How did scientists find out the amount of time an animal can live without food or water?
They had to starve animals to death and monitor and document every part of the process.
Some people do not object to the abuse of and killing of animals in scientific experiments,
But scientists have also used human beings as guinea pigs in biological researches.

They carried out the same experiments on humans beings that they did on animals.
Imagine locking someone in a cage or a room and waiting for the person to die of hunger.
And medical scientists are there observing and documenting the whole process.
How do these scientists feel when they see that person breathing his or her last breath?

Although scientists have made some helpful discoveries, they have done many evil things.
Scientists regard their research as more important than human life and animal life.
They study the effects that dangerous drugs and chemicals have on humans and animals.
And they callously perform experimental surgeries on live people and live animals.

According to the evil-minded leaders of the world and the stony-hearted scientists,
It is necessary to sacrifice thousands of people now to save billions of people in the future.
Politicians and scientists play God and destroy living creatures including human beings,
But they do not volunteer to be subjects of medical experiments and risk their own lives.

The people who do not exist yet are not more important than the ones who are alive today.
And the lives of some people are not worth more than the lives of other humans,
So nobody has the right to decide who should die now so that others in the future may live.
I denounce all scientific discoveries that have been achieved by taking people’s lives.

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