School vs. Education

 Modern school was designed over 200 years ago,

By a country called Prussia that no longer exists. Did it really work?If they aren't even around anymore? The system was designed to create obedient subjects,Subjects that wouldn't rise up or ask questions. Trapped in the systems cages,With the key thrown away. This system was created during the industrial revolution,When factories mindlessly created products for quantity not quality. The education hierarchy has extinguished the fires of creativity,By trying to make everyone the same. Trying to build everyone out of standard parts on an assembly like,Well what if standard parts don't fit us? Will they just try to jam them in place?Or will they just discard us? We want to be different!We aren't the same part that can be made on a factory line. We are all different, unique to everyone else.We were born different and we learn different. Socrates, Edison, and Franklin  painted their own education,Because education is like a canvas,Everyone's is blank. But slowly details are added,Making every canvas more and more unique. Emotion added into every step,Creating magnificent works of art. How can you create that in a factory?I've never seen the Mona Lisa come out of a factory. The Renaissance brought creativity and fires of passion,Igniting the imaginations of millions. The industrial revolution brought about a halt on education,Watering down the imaginations of the brilliant. Such a sad thing it is,To pick quantity over quality.  It's great that millions of kids are getting educated,But they could learn so much more. Education is a beautiful thing,You can't keep it caged in. It has to roam free,You can't learn anything trapped in a cage.


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