School Is My Happy Place


Walking to class with my head held high,

First day of school,

I made it.

I made it through three other first days,

I can do it a final time,

This year is different,

I’m a leader,

They look up to me,

Like I did,

I walk through the hall of Grand Forks Central,

This is my home,

I’ve been the baby of Central,

I’ve been the teenager of Central,

I’ve been the adult of Central,

Now finally I’m the senior citizen of of Central,

I’ve made it through the years with hard work, happiness, and feeling at home,

The thing that can lift my spirit when I’m down is Central,

The one things that always makes me happy is learning and school.

It’s been a great school to me,

it makes me happy to see all the new faces that come into Central,

Into the place I call my happy home.


Kathryn Ann Schill


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