School Days Aren't Boring Days

School days apparently are boring days
(At least, that's what everyone claims).
Full of droning tones, fine print, and
swimming                brain.
            through   my
They are dictated over by numbers, cross teachers,
     . . . plus an abundant supply of caffeine.
50 minute classes (At least four daily) are broken by10 minute dashes,
               Snatches from the vending machine,
               And what could be called a snippet of conversation between two equally                Dulled people.
180 of 365 days are supposedly days similar to these:
                Dull,          dragging,         dusty days.
(Aliteration doesn't improve the situation, despite what English teachers insist.)
Notice, I said supposedly;
There is something to look forwards to besides a  m o n o t o n o u s  d r o n e!
I predict you are scanning to page.
Curiousity exists outside of the classroom!
I anticipate Math Lab for example, on Mondays and Wednesdays.
     We've played Yahtzee for probability.
     (However, I regret teaching Sandy to play.)
Music is a favorite, discussion abounds;
     opera isn't as dreadful as it sounds.
I like lunch
    And discussions of runaway pencils.
    (They're offended easily, and love to be of use.)
Pumpkin bread shared after a math test.
Laughter in the halls as we wait for our class;
        I've been informed I'm too LOUD.
Pictures of weirdness, and entertainment before ACA.
        Poor Mrs. Durham never understands our madness.
My advisor met my mother the other day,
     Now that's something to remember.
     Mr. Hardison was slightly shocked by her behaviour.
I plan to share her English (never British) wit for a writing contest.
I recall jokes shared with her over coffee
     During our drives in the morning.
School days are CrAzY days, not boring ones.
     I rise early,
     Depend on caffeine to function,
But they are days I would not trade for the world.
Days of laughter, of memories, and friends.
Days of fantastic teachers (yes, I have some), elation over a grade.
Days of anticipation, whatever the future may bring.
School days are days I will look back on,
      They represent a life full of dreams:
                Some of them will come to pass
                         Some will be lost to time.
School days are days that form me;
   They make me, well, me. 
I shall lock away these days forever,
In a chest I will open with a smile
When school days are long said and done.
So to those who say school days are boring days,
I beg to disagree. 
I pressure you to reevaluate.
Because School days are never what they appear to be.


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