School days

School days were the worst days. Being bullied is a cool thing right you bullies are so cool look at you big hot shot. Walking around schoold pushing kids into the wall making kids drop all their papers and books. Picking on them yeah your so cool. No dude your not cool your actually being the biggest jerk of the whole. The poor kid Brandon had Vitiligo and you want to call him names like cow. Are you serious? Oh I get it you think your cool now oh my everyone lets be his friend. Not cool he was so sad he was scared he didn't want to go to school he didn't want to go eat lunch. Because he has the word ''cow'' haunting him like a ghost. He couldn't take it he was so tired of everything he was depressed. He can't help it for crying out loud you should treat him with respect because look at him. He was loving himself and living life to the fullest till you ruined his life and then took it away from him. He took his life because you have nothing else great going on so you bully a kid and for what to make you feel better about your skin. No he was a handsome boy very smart very caring. He wanted to go to the dance you told him that he wouldn't get anyone to go with him. But I said that I would go with him. And no you kept pushing it didn't you. You pushed him to his last point he couldn't take it anymore. He didn't get to go to the dance neither did I. You know where I ended up going hs funeral yes I didn't get to dance with him no I had to pay my respects and tyr to pull it together. Standing there beside his coffin tears running down my eyes. Yelling '' BRANDON GET UP!!!!!! COME ON WAKE UP!!!!.'' He didn't wake up he's gone and who's to blame the bully thank you Roger you really wanted to be cool. Right? Congrats everyone thoinks your a jerk. What did he do to you? Was it worth it? Are you happy? Do you feel better? Leave people alone he wouldv'e made a big impact in this world but he didn't get the chance. And he didn't get to dance. R.I.P Brandon

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