School Dance

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 16:00 -- smm1372

On the sidelines

Sitting next to friends

You come up to me

And take my hand.

You give me a look and

I reach out my hand

And you bend down

Your lips leave a kiss.

You soon grip my hand,

Pull me closer to you

And your arm

Wraps around me.

Our hands are intertwined

And we dance.

I close my eyes

Letting you lead.

You all too soon let go,

Spinning me away

But only to

Pull me back next to you.

The song starts to gain rhythm

And we sway together

The dance floor clears

And we are in the middle.

I don't see anyone else

Yet I know they are there

And we continue to dance

Like no one is watching.

All eyes are on us

As our chemistry shows through

Full of trust and love

That we see in our eyes.

The song slows down

Coming to an end

You pull me close

Holding me tight.


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