they say learning is meant to be fun and make you happy

but i can't really remember it ever being like that.

it's so cliche and worn out to be complaining about it

but i can't really think of anything else to say.

im just a spoiled brat who can't appreciate what she has

but i can't really find a way to be grateful for it.

there's kids in the world who love to get some form of schooling

but i can't really think of a kid who i know that would.

school is killing me and my peers; we would rather fake illness than go

all the stress, the numbers, the crippling anxiety i know we all have.

our parents and teachers say to get over it.

i think it was easier in their days.


kids come to school drunk out of their heads or higher than a kite.

it never surprises me.

the news saying kids are killing themselves because of school.

it never surprises me.

kids saying they would rather be dead than come to school.

it never surprises me.

teachers say they're only here for the paycheck.

it never surprises me.

in my freshman year, they wouldn't allow water bottles in class,

kids were smuggling in vodka and mixing rum with their coke.

kids would smoke weed at home and pop pills in the bathroom,

you could tell when they were high.


i hate it here. we all do.

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My community


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