the scholar found within the unscholarly

Jobs, they say, must be aquired precisely, distinctly, adequately. Schooling is not for the knowledge that enriches the souls of people, but for the information which must be made of use at the exactly right time. Those who do not use what is deemed a necessity in the exactly proper way, such as those who do not pursue a "higher-up degree" or a even a degree at all, are societally shunned. But what does language or knowledge have anything to do with the human nature, the rights of humans? why is punctuation a necessity--- rather why doesnt the world make use of the beauty of the world in conjunction with the beauty of knowledge--- rather than looking down upon a sentence for its technical improper uses of ! punctuation. grammer and spelling^^^( In other words, education is beauty, but the beauty is in the uneducated. The particles that make up our very bodies know nothing of their molecular densities, but no matter. Inspiration. what we recieve from almost everything. the driving force behind life itself. i hope to inspire, i hope to go to get a precise, distinct, and adequate degree. both are beautiful. one is the education i will recieve, the other is what cannot be taught or learned.


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