A Schism Of Past Memories

Before you choose to read this, let me give you a disclosure,

The content of this message is intended to give me closure,

I was born under difficult circumstances and have a painful past,

I choose to write to have these memories fade and never last.

I was born to parents that never loved me

They used to abuse me and I would mentally flee

Into the imagination of a child with formidable uncertainty

When would my next meal be? Do I deserve to be treated this way?

What terrible thoughts to plague the mind of a young woman to this day

I remember the hits, the blows, and the screaming

Bruised body, dirty skin, eyes gleaming

The daily routine of a child with unfit intoxicated parents

The use of hard drugs and alcohol inexplicably apparent

I never knew love, security or safety 

The emotional trauma I endured would make anyone crazy

Although it has been more than a decade since I lived this life

My flashbacks stab through my heart like a rusty knife

A knife I have removed time and time again

The metaphorical rust of the damage flowing through my human veins



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