What's the deal

With how I feel?

Can I steal

A bit of your happiness?

What happened with 

Our sappiness

And laughiness?

Now I feel like half a Capulet

The other half a Montague

Me vs me and we're just fighting over you

I love you, I hate you, we just don't know what to do

What is true

In this cruel world?

Were you just a cool girl?

Or were you really the one for me?

Or were you just good company?

Or were you meant for loving me?

Fuck it I hope you're suffering

Like me getting buried underneath

All these questions and endless thoughts

That keep infesting this restless pod

And are just letting it sever off

From the rest of the dead and gone

The next step is to end it all 

But no

There is hope

And I know

That we won't

Drift away

We will stay

In our ways

Cause today

Is the day

That I say

I'm okay

And I wake

From this state

That I've made

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